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The political activist’s role does NOT end at the election, it merely begins a new chapter, one where the concerned Taxpayer MUST work to negate the influence of special interest lobbyists, who work tirelessly to spend YOUR money on the desires of their clients.  Below will be links to all sorts of critical resources that allow you to maintain a powerful virtual presence in Austin to help protect the underrepresented interests of the taxpayer.

Video Broadcasts House | Senate
Today’s Calendars House | Senate | All
Today’s Meetings House | Senate | All
Today’s Filed Bills House | Senate | All
Today’s Votes House | Senate

Lookup Bills By Number

House Committees

House Calendar

Senate Committees

Senate Calendar

Step 1: knowing your representatives and the critical committees of the House and the Senate

Step 2: An online highly searchable source of proposed State Legislature

Step 2: The calendars of the legislature

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