There are a number of excellent conservative groups that perform rating and scorecards, as well as others that endorse or recommend candidates for office.  Some are directed and more general performance and results, while others are of narrow-focus or ‘single issue. There are ALSO a significant number of groups maintained by the Establishment and dishonest, corrupt people for their own profit and power. This page will be used to list BOTH for the voter’s review.


  • EmpowerTexans (with Texans For Fiscal Responsibility as the PAC version)
    EmpowerTexans, headed by Michael Quinn Sullivan, is the most active conservative organization in Texas Legislative matters. It emphasizes fiscal and liberty issues, though it supports in collaboration the efforts of Texans 4 Life on social conservative issues.
  • Young Conservative of Texas
    YCT is a group primarily campus-based, that represents the future of conservative thought.  Their rating and endorsements are based on the full spectrum of conservative thought and are well-thought out.
  • Eagle Forum
    Eagle Forum maintains mostly a generalized social conservative foundation and have been around a long time
  • Texas Values Action
    A newer group to the scene, mainly social conservative.


  • Texans 4 Life
    A coalition group focused on abortion and other life issues.


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