A Beto-Ted Ratings Comparison

August 9, 2018

Click here for the ratings (based on legislative votes) of Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz from conservative groups, with links. Never let Beto con you into thinking he’s anything but WELL left of center. Maybe not a full socialist, but within rock-throwing distance of one- and moving closer over the years.

Texas Lege Contests; Q2 Money

August 5, 2018

Here is a file of Texas Legislative races contested in Nov. and the associated money at the end of July.

They are sorted in the House side by the Democrat Cash On Hand as of July 1, something of a measure of how Democrats plan to target the legislative races. The numbers suggest a fairly minimal effort on the Senate side, mainly against Konni Burton & Angela Paxton. But the House has some pretty clear targeting with Dem dollars (highlighted in the spreadsheet); Mainly Dallas County seats, especially Matt Rinaldi‘s.
Remember, these are early financial numbers; but is is informational.

Kansas Voter Citizenship Ruling Actually Good News

July 7, 2018

Realize this is only a lower court ruling on the Kansas citizenship check law, but it is less bad news than good news for those wanting to assure that voters in Texas are indeed citizens
“The court referenced the emerging practice of comparing statewide voter lists to other official databases like drivers license customers and the federal Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program. Expanding the practice of sharing data from jury clerks with written claims of noncitizenship to election officials also receives mention.”
These are techniques that the State of Texas actually has the data to utilize. Considering the fact we now have non-citizens getting CONVICTED for voting illegally (Here & this one pending), the next legislative session is the time to consider this and get it in place.
There were 36 different bills last session addressing components of this issue. Not much got done, but maybe, with different House leadership- hopefully not overly beholden to Democrats- something CAN be don to assure a voter IS a citizen- or, at least, has not been designated a non-citizen in government records elsewhere.

Texas Lege Considerations for November

July 1, 2018

You all are welcome to post whatever comments below.


Primary Runoff Early Voting has Started.

May 15, 2018

Voting times vary somewhat by county but larger counties are generally 7am-7pm. Here are the latest multi-group recommendations for GOP runoff candidates with statewide reach.

Definitely need EVERY conservative vote in this.

Runoff Guides- working on 2 styles

March 21, 2018

We’ve completed guides for 3 counties so far and put tem in 2 styles. The ones with the -s on the end only lists the actual races in the county, as opposed to including all the statewide/regionals in a grayed-out form.  The shorter versions make for easy handouts, but looks too minimalistic is there only say 2 races as in Collin county.  Check them out one the top right of the page here. We’ll add additional counties as we can.

The Runoffs are Coming!

March 17, 2018

These runoffs are CRITICAL to the conservative legislative efforts: 6 U.S. representative, 7 State Representative and two key Court of Appeals nominees will be determined on the May 22nd runoff (early voting May 14th-18th). IF the conservatives are nominated for nearly all of these seats, it will make a HUGE difference. So, it’s time for another set of voter guides.

Here is the link to a ‘first cut ‘ of the state and regional runoffs, with the current endorsements of the same groups as from the primary. More endorsements likely will follow.


You’ll note that each race is in gray text color.  The goal here is to allow their download, select the races relevant to the area where the flyer will be distributed, and change the font color to black. Below is an example of doing this for Texas State Representative District 107 (Dallas County)