OK: 40 County-wide Voter Guides Finalized

January 30, 2018

MOSTLY.  All additional changes will be adding good local groups for specific counties; for example, waiting on NETTP for Tarrant County. Local groups were added to Collin, Kaufman, and Smith counties. If you know of good conservative groups we should consider adding to your county, let us know below and provide a link. No ‘pay-for plays’ please; money changes hands to spread their work and we are NOT paid for the stuff we do.
Again, without Holly Podkowa’s meticulous proofreading, much of this would be too error-prone to use. We can’t thank her enough.

Now comes the work of getting these in the voters’ hands. And we need EVERYBODY’S help on that.  Print them out and take them to political meeting and candidate forums; prepare to hand them out at polling locations. This was a LOT of work on this end; help us make it worthwhile.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Other Endorsement Groups

January 24, 2018

One of the problems with assembling a voting guide is selecting the actual groups whose recommendations to include. The ones we have chosen (Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Young Conservatives of Texas, Eagle Forum, Texas Values Action, and the Texas Homeschool Coalition) all have great records for focusing on fairly numerous issues for determining the ‘conservative character’ of various candidates. However, there are other fine groups that make endorsements, but simply for space concerns, could not be included in the formal voter guides. However, If people wish they, or fine local groups can be added to the last column as is appropriate. Their recommendations ARE included in the lists of group recommendations to the right

The first is Grassroots America, We The People (GAWTP) (http://www.gawtp.com) , the Texas branch of which is run out of Tyler by true fire-breathing, rock-ribbed conservative JoAnn Fleming. JoAnn has been giving ulcers to the Establishment and the Professional Political Class for a LONG time. She understands the field of play in Austin and in East Texas probably better than anyone, and applies the Marine motto, ‘No better friend, no worse enemy’ to principled conservatism. GAWTP’s recommendations ARE included in the Smith County Voters Guide, but really are suitable anywhere. Just not enough space.

The next is Texans Uniting for Reform & Freedom (TURF) ( http://www.texasturf.org/) This group is led by Terri Hall whose work capacity is positively terrifying! Mother of 10 kids, homeschools them and works as the premier expert in opposition to tollroads?? This group emphasizes transportation issues, heavily opposes tolling options for them and is a constant presence in Austin in testimony. The reluctantly weren’t included because their focus is a bit narrower than other groups, but they are extremely knowledgeable & effective, with GREAT recommendation for your ballots.

Last but far from least is Texans Right To Life (https://www.texasrighttolifepac.com), the absolutely BEST pro-life group. They are strong advocates not only for the unborn but for those nearing the end of life. Extremely effective and hard-working social conservative group. Again, their somewhat narrower focus is the only reason their recommendations are not included in the default guides, but, if Life issues are critical to you and those your work with, we have absolutely NO objection if people want to add them the to last available column.

However, there ARE groups that we would STRONGLY object anyone trying to associate all the work here with their work. One of those is the Texas Alliance for Life (https://www.texasallianceforlife.org/). TAL started out as a well-meaning group, but has found it more profitable to give misleading cover to Establishment figures by proclaiming them as pro-life. This last session literally saw TAL arguing AGAINST strong pro-life bills, making their ‘sellout’ complete.

Then there are laughably FALSE groups, tasked with putting sheep in sheepdog clothing. Proof of their fallacy is simple to come up with: by reviewing actual voting records of the people they claim to be conservative, not based on some advocacy groups rating, but based on the objective Rice University analysis of ALL contested votes for a given session. On of the most ludicrous (especially this year) is the Conservative Roundtable of Texas (http://conservativeroundtableoftexas.com). Who do they consider ‘Exemplary Conservatives’? Joe Straus, John Zerwas (81st ‘most conservative’ out of 94 non-Speaker GOP members), Chris Paddie (76th out of 94), Trent Ashby (74th out of 94), Four Price (71st out of 94), and Ken Seliger (20th out of 20 GOP Senators), among others. Oh, they always add in a few REAL conservatives, but always ones the Establishment really has no viable challenger trying to defeat them. Those conservatives are the sheepdog ‘cover’ to let the sheep pass themselves off as brave defenders of conservative principles. Their designation is positively hysterical to anyone who actually knows a thing about Austin.

In another posting, we’ll talk about the ‘Pay for Play’ problems of other groups, especially many in Houston.

Combined Voter Guides: 32 Counties Ready to Go

January 20, 2018

OK: got a LOT of work done. MAJOR corrections and got the candidates in the proper ballot order. Also, we’ve got the first pass of the Eagle Forum recommendations added for a stronger overall assessment.

I could not possibly have gotten this is such a superior shape without the help of a neighbor, Holly Podkowa. She has taken upon herself to proofread the work (Which I admit I’m not all that good at) and has done a FANTASTIC job, with great recommendations and catching each and every error.  The only reason the ones now uploaded are usable is because of her extensive work, which has gotten me to work SMARTER and quite pushing for quantity over quality in this effort. Two sets of eyes is ALWAYS better than one.
So, make use of these; they serve well as an addition to candidate literature and- most importantly- as a guide to lower ballot races very useful at polling locations. (Voters ARE allowed to take them in to the polling location with them.) More on all this later.

County-Level GOP Voter Guides

January 12, 2018

Note the links to the top right; we will be adding county-specific GOP primary voting guides as we get them formatted in ballot appearance order. They will be updated with more endorsements as they are put forward. The groups we have selected for inclusion are some of the most reliable and consistent general conservative sources over time and the least corrupted by financial interest, plus not being overly sing-issued.
We can certainly use help from others and all the resources to add additional counties are here. The first link is the template, the second a source of the ballot contents in the proper order.  The endorsements are in the group below. Anyone willing to help can message us here.

Candidate Filings Completed

December 15, 2017

All the candidates are filed for the March Primaries. Attached is a list of the State Representatives and Sentor candidates, along with a START of some groups’ endorsements.

It looks good from the conservative side; Of the 12 Texas House Freedom Caucus members, only 4 pulled primary opponents and only Mike Lang’s opponent seems competitive.  On the Senate side, the only Establishment effort to unseat a conservative is Cindy Burkett going against Bob Hall.  Conservatives have strong opportunities gain open seats and knock off a mushy incumbent or two.  A tough and very busy primary season is ahead.

Welcome to Texas Legislative Watch

November 4, 2017

This site is an attempt to aggregate as much information about the Texas Legislative processes and participants to permit the conservative community to acts as advocates and to support- or oppose- candidates in ways to advance the concepts of fiscal responsibility and Constitutional, limited  government.

Initially this will be the presentation of group ratings of the performance of the Texas legislators, based on their actual voting records.  Later, it will emphasize the recommendations & endorsements of reliable conservative groups.  We hope to create County level voting guide for download, printing and distribution based on MULTIPLE groups recommendations.  The Establishment desperately tries to discount what they denigrate are ‘scorecard politics’; problem is, when tied to MANY good groups, what they are truly have to defend is their actual VOTES or other performance indicators, not how good a ‘friend’ their incumbants are to you.

The site administrators welcome all input on how to make this site better. And also welcome any help in getting county-level candidate lists for creation of voter guides.