Welcome to Texas Legislative Watch

This site is an attempt to aggregate as much information about the Texas Legislative processes and participants to permit the conservative community to acts as advocates and to support- or oppose- candidates in ways to advance the concepts of fiscal responsibility and Constitutional, limited  government.

Initially this will be the presentation of group ratings of the performance of the Texas legislators, based on their actual voting records.  Later, it will emphasize the recommendations & endorsements of reliable conservative groups.  We hope to create County level voting guide for download, printing and distribution based on MULTIPLE groups recommendations.  The Establishment desperately tries to discount what they denigrate are ‘scorecard politics’; problem is, when tied to MANY good groups, what they are truly have to defend is their actual VOTES or other performance indicators, not how good a ‘friend’ their incumbants are to you.

The site administrators welcome all input on how to make this site better. And also welcome any help in getting county-level candidate lists for creation of voter guides.

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