Combined Voter Guides: 32 Counties Ready to Go

OK: got a LOT of work done. MAJOR corrections and got the candidates in the proper ballot order. Also, we’ve got the first pass of the Eagle Forum recommendations added for a stronger overall assessment.

I could not possibly have gotten this is such a superior shape without the help of a neighbor, Holly Podkowa. She has taken upon herself to proofread the work (Which I admit I’m not all that good at) and has done a FANTASTIC job, with great recommendations and catching each and every error.  The only reason the ones now uploaded are usable is because of her extensive work, which has gotten me to work SMARTER and quite pushing for quantity over quality in this effort. Two sets of eyes is ALWAYS better than one.
So, make use of these; they serve well as an addition to candidate literature and- most importantly- as a guide to lower ballot races very useful at polling locations. (Voters ARE allowed to take them in to the polling location with them.) More on all this later.

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