OK: 40 County-wide Voter Guides Finalized

MOSTLY.  All additional changes will be adding good local groups for specific counties; for example, waiting on NETTP for Tarrant County. Local groups were added to Collin, Kaufman, and Smith counties. If you know of good conservative groups we should consider adding to your county, let us know below and provide a link. No ‘pay-for plays’ please; money changes hands to spread their work and we are NOT paid for the stuff we do.
Again, without Holly Podkowa’s meticulous proofreading, much of this would be too error-prone to use. We can’t thank her enough.

Now comes the work of getting these in the voters’ hands. And we need EVERYBODY’S help on that.  Print them out and take them to political meeting and candidate forums; prepare to hand them out at polling locations. This was a LOT of work on this end; help us make it worthwhile.

One Response to OK: 40 County-wide Voter Guides Finalized

  1. Betty Anderson says:

    This is a fabulous endeavor. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

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