How to Build Your Own County Voter Guide

If your county isn’t in the 40 on the right (we tried to get all the major ones), here’s the handy-dandy guide to ‘rolling your own’ (if it’s big enough and important enough, let us know and we’ll TRY to get to it).

  1. First download the Template spreadsheet (A County Guide template)
  2. Open the Secretary of State site for candidates (By County Primary Candidates). Select your county, ‘Republican Party only’, and MOST important, On the ‘Restrict by Status’ poplist, select ‘Candidates on Ballot’. That displays them in the order for YOUR county.
  3. Open the template spreadsheet and reorganize the statewide candidates (including moving their endorsements) in your county’s ballot order.
  4. Now start adding the races specific to your county. Generally I cut & paste the footer text onto a separate worksheet to get it out of the way, then cut the empty frames below my working area, then cut & paste the right ones for the number of candidates until I have all the right frames in place, then populate with the offices and the candidates.
  5. Then start populating the major group endorsements from the following links:
    1. TFR: Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
    2. YCT: Young Conservatives of Texas
    3. EF: Eagle Forum
    4. TVA: Texas Values Action
    5. THSC: Texas Homeschool Coalition
  6. Add any RELIABLE local group’s endorsement to the last column and, after you restor the footer include them in there with any web link.
  7. Review CAREFULLY the result; EASY to make mistakes.

Now repeat 40 times- correcting your massive errors as you go.  If you can do that and stay sane, let me know how. I couldn’t! 😀

Good luck!

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