The Runoffs are Coming!

These runoffs are CRITICAL to the conservative legislative efforts: 6 U.S. representative, 7 State Representative and two key Court of Appeals nominees will be determined on the May 22nd runoff (early voting May 14th-18th). IF the conservatives are nominated for nearly all of these seats, it will make a HUGE difference. So, it’s time for another set of voter guides.

Here is the link to a ‘first cut ‘ of the state and regional runoffs, with the current endorsements of the same groups as from the primary. More endorsements likely will follow.

You’ll note that each race is in gray text color.  The goal here is to allow their download, select the races relevant to the area where the flyer will be distributed, and change the font color to black. Below is an example of doing this for Texas State Representative District 107 (Dallas County)

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