Kansas Voter Citizenship Ruling Actually Good News

Realize this is only a lower court ruling on the Kansas citizenship check law, but it is less bad news than good news for those wanting to assure that voters in Texas are indeed citizens
“The court referenced the emerging practice of comparing statewide voter lists to other official databases like drivers license customers and the federal Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program. Expanding the practice of sharing data from jury clerks with written claims of noncitizenship to election officials also receives mention.”
These are techniques that the State of Texas actually has the data to utilize. Considering the fact we now have non-citizens getting CONVICTED for voting illegally (Here & this one pending), the next legislative session is the time to consider this and get it in place.
There were 36 different bills last session addressing components of this issue. Not much got done, but maybe, with different House leadership- hopefully not overly beholden to Democrats- something CAN be don to assure a voter IS a citizen- or, at least, has not been designated a non-citizen in government records elsewhere.

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