Speaker Dennis Bonnen a given

So, the Speaker race is essentially done. The GOP caucus vote will be meaningless, but it LOOMING in the future was useful in getting this decision. I know some people are disappointed that a LOT of this was done behind the scenes; unfortunately it apparently became necessary because the Democrats. were planning to spring their OWN coalition right after the election; a Straus-style coalition of the Democrats plus enough GOP members supporting Clardy to seal the deal. After losing so many GOP members in the election, it became imperative to settle things quickly.
Why Dennis Bonnen, over say Tan Parker or Phil King? Certainly not privy to those conversation but I can assume a major reason: There is no question that Dennis is the biggest ‘hard-ass’ in the House. While that gives me substantial concern for how he’l run things, I can assure, as soon as his name came forward with his initial list, a number of GOP members froze, terrified they’d go into the Strausian deal, watch a couple members get peeled off and LOSE to Bonnen. Nightmare visions of red staplers, janitorial closets as offices, and a sole committee assignment to a new Committee on Waste Regulation danced in their heads. More & more joined on with Bonnen and the steam roller moved on.
What it means to the conservative agenda of Freedom Caucus types? We REALLY don’t know. I know theat Jonathan Stickland isn’t happy about this; he and Dennis have ‘issues’ with each other; hopefully they’ll work something out; Stick is GREAT at being the ‘bad cop’ when it comes to bad bills, Dennis should accept that and actually use it to some degree. . The rest? I am surprised how accepting they were of Dennis over others. So it may go OK. But one thing is for sure. Dennis Bonnen will drive this train HIS way; it’s in his nature. Committee assignments will tell the story and I Certainly don’t expect Speaker Bonnen to be the 35-day slacker Straus was
More later..

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