Day 1 of the 86th, plus Important Dates

Day 1 was pretty uneventful. Everyone sworn in, Dennis Bonnen elected by a 147-0 recorded vote as Texas House Speaker (By recorded vote, called for by Jonathan Stickland- so everyone has PROOF of the unanimous nature. 3 seats open- all Democrat. I retired for health reasons, 2 given up after election elsewhere.)
The Rules vote is tomorrow and we’ve heard nothing overly contentious coming up there. Rest of the week will be settling in.

Here is an absolutely critical article to read for advocates.
The critical dates of the Texas Legislature:
– March 8th; House bills MUST be filed. (Some rare exceptions )
– April 25th: bills MUST be out of House committee.
– May 9th: all bills not voted forward from the House are dead.
Read the whole thing; there WILL be a test afterward. 😉

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