The Texas Senate Proposed Budget is Out

Here’s a link to the nearly 1,000 pages of SB1;

track the progress & later amendments here.

Sen. Jane Nelson is the author & will assuredly be the Chair of the committee to handle it.    It has A $5,000/teacher raise built in (average 9.4%) yet spends $3 billion less than house proposal  WIll update this with other factors as they are clarified by far greater financial wizards than are here. Naturally, we’re MOST interested in any property tax relief that is factored in, if any. We haven’t heard of anything specific.

Sen. Jan Nelson has the Teacher raise as a SEPARATE bill- SB 3- linked here.

The Legislative Budget Board proposed Budget Summary is here.  Being Straus was a major driver of this, I take it’s content as this with a LARGE grain of salt.

Here is a good comparison of the House & Senate budgets to the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s ‘Conservative Budget’. The good news is that the amounts are not HUGELY off (though- when talking in billions- they are ALL huge.). The question truly is- how much property tax relief will we get- and in what form.  It is NOT defined as off yet in EITHER budget. .

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