Texas Senate Committee Assignments are Out

Here they are and it’s full of good news!

The new Property Tax committee is full of the most conservative members of the Senate, with Hinojosa being the lone Democrat:
Senate Property Tax Committee
Paul Bettencourt, Chair CAP 3E.16 (512)463-0107  EMAIL
Angela Paxton, Vice Chair CAP GE.5 (512)463-0108  EMAIL
Brandon Creighton EXT E1.606 (512)463-0104  EMAIL
Kelly Hancock CAP 4E.2 (512)463-0109  EMAIL
Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa CAP 3E.6 (512)463-0120

Sen. Jan Nelson was, as expected, was named Chair of Finance. Within 3 hours, she’s already scheduled 18 meetings of that committee; nearly every day starting Jan. 22nd. She is VERY serious that education finance reform won’t fail for lack of effort! We plan to try to testify the first week there to address the need to make room in budgeting, as they try to redo education funding, for some property tax relief (especially In Robin Hood which will literally crush a handful of ‘wealthy’ districts before next session meets).  This committee will ALSO need to be reminded how much property owners are hurting.

The one bit of controversy? Sen Kel Seliger was mad Agriculture Chair and taken off as Higher Education Chair and replaced with Sen Brandon Creighton, a far more conservative member. Seliger feel dissed & disrespected. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick shrugged it off, pointing out that Agriculture is a big part of Seliger’s panhandle/ west Texas district. ,

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