Alert! SB2 Public Hearing; Wed. Feb. 6th Austin

This will be a FIRST hearing on Property tax reform and relief and our supporter need a GREAT turnout of property taxpayers to set the tone.
SB2 represents essential property tax REFORM that is critical to have in place to protect any actual RELIEF they come up with for the over burdened property taxpayers. This reform restricts future growth of your property taxes to 2.5% without a MANDATORY vote by the people on a standard election day in November. Without this, if the state were to arrange other reductions to this component, the appraisal districts could wipe that out in one year.

Realize this is a SMALL start and a school financing piece is being worked separately. But if support for this is not shown by activist taxpayers, the next pieces of reform & relief will just evaporate, crushed by the professional political class.


Registration for the hearing begins at 8am and the earlier registered, the earlier you’ll be called for your 3 minutes. The testimony does not actually start until 12:30pm and will run late in the day. That morning and early day time can be very valuable to visiting various offices. to register your support for SB2 and the identical HB2 in the House.  I would start with the House members of the Ways & Means committee, since the Senate Property Tax committee will be hearing from you in the hearing. Also go by oyur LOCAL reps offices- and be sure to go by the Speaker Bonnen’s and the Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s offices to thank them or their support and unity on property tax reform and relief. In the lists below, our ‘BEST friends’ are in bold; the others need various levels of ‘selling’. Democrats are italicized but don’t pass on ‘selling’ them as well. Cole & Rodriguez are from Travis county & their communities are being DECIMATED by rising property values & taxes.

Position House Ways & Means Committee Office Phone
Chair: Rep. Dustin Burrows E2.722 512-463-0542
Vice Chair: Rep. Ryan Guillen 1W.3 512-463-0416
Members: Rep. Dwayne Bohac GS.6 512-463-0727
Rep. Sheryl Cole E1.218 512-463-0506
Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer 3S.2 512-463-0616
Rep. Jim Murphy 4N.3 512-463-0514
Rep. Candy Noble E1.412 512-463-0186
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez 4S.5 512-463-0674
Rep. Scott Sanford E1.408 512-463-0356
Rep. Matt Shaheen E2.718 512-463-0594
Rep. John Wray E1.302 512-463-0516

On the Senate side, we have LOTS of ‘BEST friends’ (and even Hinojosa is not that bad for a Democrat)

Position Senate Property Tax Committee Office Phone
Chair: Sen. Paul Bettencourt 3E.16 512-463-0107
Vice Chair: Sen. Angela Paxton GE.5 512-463-0108
Members: Sen. Brandon Creighton E1.606 512-463-0104
Sen. Kelly Hancock 4E.2 512-463-0109
Sen. Juan Hinojosa 3E.6 512-463-0120

Speaker Dennis Bonnen: 2W.13 : 512-463-1000   Lt. Governor Dan Patrick2E.13512-463-0001

Here is the link to the SB2 bill in TLO: here is the Word version & here is a more compact text version. It’s a lengthy bill and you may not get a chance to read it in it’s entirety. Here are the bullet points involved:


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