SB2 Testimony and Progress

More information is now available on the bill: the Fiscal Note is here (The negative numbers represent potential savings from current property tax trends) and the analysis is here (fairly thick reading).

Public testimony went well for taxpayers on Feb. 6th and was enlightening to both the committee, people watching remotely and even to the opposition to the bill. Here is a list of the witnesses For and Against. you might want to search the list for the officials in your area, or friends you know are active in this effort.   And here is the full video of the public hearing, for review. The timestamp of the some of more interesting testimonies are listed below: Will add more as I review them:

Invited Testimony:

  • TPPF representative & Former Austin City Council member Ellen Troxclair in support of SB2: 1m 20s
  • Marya Crigler, chief Appraiser for Travis County: 16m 3s
  • Collin County Judge Chris Hill, representing unanimous support of the commissioner’s court for SB2: 1h 24m 12s

Public Testimony

  • Elizabeth Raich (sp?); chief financial officer of City of Dallas. Opposed and Sen. Bettencourt takes on her opposition: 1h 52m 35s
  • Michael Openshaw, author of this site, in support of SB2 (folks say I did pretty well, you can judge & post comments)): 1h 51m 26s

Please post in comments other timestamps of good testimonials- or really awful ones .


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