Busy week for the Tx Lege 2/25

So many important bills and a LOT of grassroots people coming down (and we need as MANY as possible to come). Here is a listing of the more important ones for freedom and fiscal sanity.

E1.036 Senate Finance Committee 10:00am
SB 3 Teacher across the board $5K pay raise Nelson
E2.030 House Human Services Committee 8:00am
HB 285 Prohibiting removal of work requirements for receive supplemental nuitrition assistance Springer
JHR140 House Ways & Means Committee 8:00am
HB 2 Voter approval rate cap at 2.5% plus appraisal district review board & regulations Burrows
HB 705 Allowing counties to opt for additional sales tax, as opposed to additional property taxes. NOT a swap for EXISTING taxes. Geren
E2.016 House Homeland Security & Public Safety 8:00am
HB 238 Preventing federal arms restrictions from being implemented in Texas Krause
E2.014 House State Affairs Committee 10:30am
HB 234 Legalizing neighborhood lemonade stands Krause
HB 281 Prohibiting tax-funded lobbying Middleton
HB 433 Disclosure of govt money spend directly and indirectly on lobbying Shaheen

Lots of advocacy needed to combat the Professional Political Class this week.

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