Voter Integrity Bills- Good and Bad

A BUNCH of voter integrity bills have been filed this session: ones that strengthen integrity main by conservatives, ones that loosen it by Democrats.  So here are some of the key bills to track in this area:


  • SB 953 (Fallon) – if a person marks themselves as a non-citizen to get out of jury duty and they are registered to vote, a letter is sent to ‘clarify’ (which law was broken)
  • HB 378 (Lang) – Verification of citizenship to vote, in cases where a driver’s license did not have citizenship verification.


  • HB 1104 (Meza) – Massively expands absentee ballot by mail. Mail-in ballots are subject of major fraud via ballot harvesting.
  • HB 526 (Israel) – Relax voter ID laws, using questionable documents & lessen penalties

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